Digital slumber party with Permabanned!


Sat July 25, 2020    
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Get your snaccos and drinks ready before paw and ready to rock.

This private gathering to hang out and not watch a movie for a duration of ?? mins but have a text channel available for comments as the main event goes on and to chitter in.

Theme for this slumber party is ???. Space is limited to 100 people for the event so it is first come first serve.

Make sure to join ahead of time. Will be starting a pre-stream cartoons to help people settle and trouble shoot at 8pm EST.

Direct link to room: (Available in the Telegram pinned note. Or DM an admin on discord/Telegram)

We are not using discord. This time we will be using a streaming service called KAST. It is free and I will be able to add you in after you click the link send me a DM if you sign up with something other then your Telegram name. We decided to go with something more phone friendly to help let furs who don’t have a computer or are away from their house at work hang with us too.

Several ways to join in. You can use the web app and use Chrome or Edge, the desktop app (I use this one) or use the Android or iOS app instead.