WNC Locality

We prefer for our members to be within a 100-mile range of the WNC region, however we do not enforce this as an end-all rule. If you are unsure of if it’s okay to join our group or not, feel free to contact one of the admins and we’ll help out.

Minimum Age

You must be 13 years of age or older at the time of joining the group, or have parental supervision while attending meets.

Content Rating (PG-13)

Adult Language

Keep it PG-13.

Adult Media

Adult images, stickers, GIF, or any other digital media depicting graphic sexual content is forbidden. NSFW art may be shared in link format with a clear NSFW warning.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture cannot contain adult or suggestive content.


Causal role-play in the chat is allowed in moderation.


Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Harassment in private chats to group members, if reported, can still get you banned from the group. If you want a user banned for online harassment, you must have proof i.e. screenshots. If seen harassing a group member in person, you will instantly be removed from the group and banned.

Be Nice

Do not post hateful or hate speech/group content. No members of hate groups i.e. nazis, KKK (Trump supporters are not a hate group). Any derogatory term towards any group is considered hate. Association with any members of a hate group will also get you banned. (i.e. Foxler)

Criminal Activity

Do not discuss illegal or self-incriminating behavior. This includes underage drinking and drug use.


Do not spam the chat with stickers, pictures, GIFs, text, etc:

  • Generally more than a few contiguous media posts is considered spam.
  • Non-contiguous posts of the same item more than three times in a 2 hour span is also spamming.


Posting and deleting messages in such a way as to troll the chat or specific members with tagging is a warnable or bannable offense.


All WNC Fur official events are subject to the venues rules first and foremost. If the fur meets are going to be held in private spaces (i.e. a members home) the owner of the home is allowed to create their own rules.

Weapons that are in the Allowed Category can be visible but are still not toys.

Weapons that are deemed in the Exceptions Category can be there but are not allowed to be out. If you are caught with an Exceptions weapon out or in use, you will be asked to put it away and that is your only warning. Refusal to do so, will result in a ban.

Weapons/Items that are in the Not Allowed are not allowed at meets. If you have a Not Allowed item at a meet, there is no warning and you will be asked to leave with a ban. If you refuse to leave, we reserve the right to call the cops.


  • pepper spray
  • keychain weapons
  • rape whistle


  • knives
  • tasers
  • box cutters

Not Allowed

  • Drugs
  • Paint-Ball/Airsoft Guns
  • Guns †

† If you would like to prove your proof of Conceal Carry, you can fill out the Concealed Carry Permit Form for each and every meet you attend and it will be submitted for admin review. You must have it approved in order to bring your weapon to the meet or else an immediate lifetime ban will be issued. If you are caught using or taking your weapon at a WNCFurs official event there are not warnings, you will be banned and removed. However, if there is an emergency, you can use your approved weapon, but you will not be acting as a WNCFurs member, but on your own.

Official Sites/ Affiliates

The following links are directly associated with WNC Furs. Any other groups claiming a WNC Furs title are NOT officially affiliated with us even if an admin or group member is running it. We cannot be held responsible for groups outside of the following:

Twitter: @WNCFurs

Facebook: WNCFurs

Telegram: @WNCFurs + sub channels associated; only including WNC Bulletin Board and the WNC Arts & Ads


Discord: WNC Furs


The following members listed are official admins and can be contacted at:

Maxx: telegram @RandomxBlackxCat / RandomxBlackxCat#4067 on discord

Permabanned: telegram @Perma_banned / Permabanned#4855 on discord

Leafbio: telegram @leafbiologicaldood / Leafbio#8153 on discord

Kishi: (changes telegram user too often to @) / Kishi Kitsune#4203 on discord

Rhys: telegram @astralplants / rhys#8088 on discord

ZenDeMoo: telegram @ZenDeMoo

Crimson Legacy: Telegram @Crimson_Legacy